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Garden City Movement // Move On (2014)

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yourfavealtgirl replied to your post: anonymous said:Are u a boy orrrrr…

Why does anon care?


Anonymous: Are u a boy orrrrrrr

i’m a girl

sorry that i could never love you back
i could never care enough in these last days

her tears fell on her pages found me out
on her words I don’t know what to do or say

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through her tangled mouth of webs she spoke i might have cancer. the word ‘chemotherapy’ fell from her lips like the leaves did that fall. it was all too peculiar. a sister holding my strength from thousands of miles away was my only hope. blocking out the cries of my mother became instinct. she wasn’t the one who had to hold the weight, it was me and i couldn’t do it. an operation and a surgery to come and still uncertainty. too young for such an illness they said yet i was still signed to an oncologist. i smoked a cigarette as soon as he said i was safe and never looked back.

drunk as fuck.

 Nobuyoshi Araki

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you do it better than alanis morissette. kudos to you for being brave.

thank you boo. i try. i’m trying.

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